I posted a handful of pictures from my April 2nd skiing adventures. Turns out I forgot the skis so I barefooted for the first run of the year. 50 Degree weather, 42 Degree water and 42 MPH are a pretty brisk combination. I wasn’t the only foolish one, my buddy John also took a run. We weren’t even the only people skiing on the lake that day. There was another boat of brave/foolish souls who also had spring fever.

And how cold is 42 degree water? I checked the water temp of my hose a couple days later and it comes out at 53 degrees so I’m guessing that is roughly the temp of most tap water. And just imagine filling you tub with cold water and getting in. And then imagine the water was 10 degrees colder.

And just to clarify… the skis were in the boat, I just forgot to use them. It just seems to be more fun that way.

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