Andre’s footing ability is just sick.

This BFC video’s footing is set to the haunting song Tusk by Fleetwood Mack.  In this video we finally hear them admit that doing this tricks that just blow your mind are EASIER on the super fly high.  Then they try them long line.  Many props for that.  Trying the overhead 360 long line is tough!

We also finally learn the name of the unique start they like to do.  They call it dolphining up.  They kind of do a dolphin kick to propel themselves out of the water and then pull their legs in front of them to pop up.  They do this trick long line too.  Then he does this back deep start with the rope held in front of him between his legs.  Anyways, enjoy the video and watch it all the way through for the out takes.

Download Superman 2 from BFC